Known Issues

User without installation permissions

  • A user without administrator (admin) permissions on the computer may not be able to install the software.
  • This also applies to computers that belong to an organizational network with restrictions under the security policy.

Antivirus and firewall

  • Anti-virus and firewall software may block the installation or operation of the system.
  • Make sure to exclude the Vix and SEB applications if you encounter an installation or operation problem.

Blocked network

  • Website filtering systems may block the use of the system.
  • This also applies to computers connected to an encrypted work network, proxy connections, and the like.
  • In these cases, you should consult the technical support staff at your academic institution or take the exam on a different network.
Blocked network
  • Website filtering systems may block the use of the system.
  • This also applies to computers connected to an encrypted work network, proxy connections, and the like.
  • In these cases, you should consult the technical support staff at your academic institution or take the exam on a different network.

Windows is not updated

  • The operating system must be updated.
  • The system may not function properly on computers that have not been updated regularly with Windows updates.
Unstable/faulty internet connection
  • An unstable or very slow network connection can cause issues.
  • It is recommended to use a wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.
Old hardware and operating systems
Identification details
  • When entering the exam, make sure that the identification details are entered correctly and in the appropriate places (Exam ID, Examinee ID, etc.).


Background applications

  • Before starting the exam, make sure that no other applications are open in the background.

SEB error message

Installing SEB Separately as a Possible Solution

If an error message containing the word "SEB" appears during the software download or after installation and entering the exam ID (such as "SEB Couldn't open..." or "Problem downloading SEB"), please also install the following application and try to download or open the system again after installation:

Click here to download the SEB component

Please note that SEB errors are usually caused by: Antivirus blocking or outdated antivirus software, insufficient user permissions on the computer, or outdated Windows.

Framework or C++ error

If during the manual installation of the SEB component you encountered an error (such as a Framework or C++ error),

Sample message:

The following components need to be installed:

If there is still a problem with the installation,  also install:

After installation try to log in again

SEB failed to start a new session

This issue is usually caused by other programs or services running in the background that prevent the SEB service from functioning properly.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to restart your computer.

If restarting your computer does not solve the problem you might need to install the following Windows component:

visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable 

Restart your computer and try again.

If it still doesn't solve the problem, try installing the components listed in the previous section as well.

JavaScript error

  • If the message is received on MAC computers, ensure correct installation of applications on Mac computers, as also explained here.
  • If the message is received after a software update, try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • If the message is received when opening the software, make sure there is no firewall/antivirus blocking.

The port used by the system is 8005

Note that if the error message states that this port is blocked, make sure that there is no other process occupying it (such as antivirus, etc.).

Invalid Class

The "Invalid Class" error indicates a corrupted WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) component in the Windows operating system. WMI is a data management component that, even when corrupted, is not noticeable to the user until it is needed to run programs like ours.

Possible solutions:

You can find links to possible solutions for the VMI component here:

Disclaimer: Please note that we are only providing links to possible solutions and do not take responsibility for the content or the user's actions following the referral. This type of error is related to a component in the operating system and the actions are the responsibility of the user.

Background Software Warning

During the hardware check, a message may list unauthorized software preventing the exam start. Close these programs, even if not actively open.

Microsoft TEAMS:

  1. Open TEAMS settings.
  2. Disable "Run in background" and "Auto-start on Windows login."

Closing Software from Windows Task Manager (including Teams):

  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).
  2. Search for the listed software (e.g., "teams" for TEAMS).
  3. Right-click and select "End task."

If unsure or the warning persists, contact your exam proctor or technical support.

Camera and microphone problems

  • Check your Windows settings to make sure that the application has permission to use the camera and microphone
  • Make sure your antivirus is not blocking camera / microphone access (common in corporate and antivirus software such as McAfee).
  • Check that the camera and microphone are working properly with other programs (such as Zoom, Skype, etc.) or use dedicated websites to check that they are working properly. 
  • Check that the camera app or device is up to date. See explanations and recommendations on this link
  • Make sure that no other applications that may be using the camera are open and running in the background (in general, closing all applications other than this software is highly recommended).

Problems when scanning answers

If you were not able to take a picture of the answers by pressing the photo button in the scan interface, or uploading an image file from your mobile, check the phone settings to ensure that the browser has access to the camera/files. For Chrome, you can use this link for help in resolving the issue

Network connection is interrupted

If the network connection is interrupted during the exam, the app will alert you. You can continue working on the exam even without a network connection, but you will only be able to submit the exam after you have once again connected to the internet.

Submitting an exam takes time

Data including audio and video files are also sent through the network, the upload data time depends on network speed and may take up to several minutes

System events approval (MAC)

If a student enters an exam with Excel files using a Mac computer, an additional "system events approval" test will be introduced. In case of failure, navigate to "system settings" > "privacy & security" > "accessibility" > enable the "Vix" app 

In any case, if the above do not solve it, give ”Full Disk Access” permission and it resolve the issue.

Receiving Multiple Screens Alert when only one screen is connected

If the message "Several screens detected” appears and you have only one screen connected to the computer, exit the software and check if two screens are defined in the settings (Windows 10):

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings

  • In the “Display” setting window, under “Multiple displays” select to display only one of the screens, as shown in the image below: