✋ If you are taking a "locked exam", you can exit the app before submitting the exam by clicking on the "Exit" button at the top of the screen or on the bottom panel.

Do not turn off or restart the computer while the app is running; make sure the app has shut down before booting or turning the computer.

1. Close programs that are running in the background

  • Make sure that screen sharing programs are closed (e.g. Anydesk, TeamViewer, Skype etc...)

  • Any software that uses the computer camera, such as Zoom. 

The app will prevent your access to the exam if these programs are open or running in the background.

2. Open the app

When the installation is complete, the following icon will appear on your desktop:

Click on it to open the app.

Note: The app may ask to update before opening (update is required)

3. Login

In the screen that appears, type the Exam ID sent to you by your institute (usually by email), and then click "Start Exam":

On the next screen, type in your Examinee ID that you were provided (this is usually your ID number) and click on "Login":

Additional login options (dependent on your institution’s settings):

  • Single sign-on through your Academic Information System or LMS:
    If your academic institute system is synced with TomaEtest app, you may be required to login through the institution’s student information system. Enter your user information for this system

  • Two-step verification through text message / email:
    If another verification step is required via text message (SMS) or email, a screen will appear asking you to type in the code you receive. Please note that the verification code is valid for a limited amount of time

4. Accept the terms and conditions

Confirm that you have read and agree to the conditions. Check the box and click Next.

5. Hardware check

  1. Internet connection: The app checks the quality of your Internet connection. To repeat the test, click on the button

  2. Verifying single screen: Only one connected monitor is allowed. Please note that after disconnecting a second monitor you may be asked to login again

  3. Audio device check: Follow the instructions to ensure that you have selected the right audio device. Click on the record button to perform the test

  4. Camera device check: Follow the instructions to ensure that you have selected the right camera device

When all connections are tested and working, click Next.

6. Verification of Student Identity

Take a picture of your face and your ID.  Please make sure to take clear photos.

7. Exam entrance screen

This screen will display your personal details and other exam information, such as exam start and finish times, and time extensions. The length of the exam and the extra time are shown in minutes.

8. Begin the Exam

To get started, click Start Exam

Click here to procced to stage 4: Taking the exam