✋ If you are taking a "locked exam," do not turn off or restart the computer while the app is running. Ensure the app has shut down before booting or turning off the computer. 

If you need to exit the app before submitting the exam, you can do so by clicking on the "Exit" button at the top of the screen or on the bottom panel. This ensures a smooth exam experience without any disruptions. Good luck with your exam!

1. Close any programs that are running in the background.

Ensure that screen-sharing programs like Anydesk, TeamViewer, Skype, and any software that uses your computer's camera, such as Zoom, are closed.

The app will restrict access to the exam if these programs are open or running in the background, so it's important to close them to avoid any issues during your exam.

2. Launch the Application

Once the installation is finished, you will find an icon like this on your desktop: 

Simply click on it to open the application.

Please note: The app may prompt you to perform an update before it opens. Make sure to proceed with the update.

⚠️ If, for any reason, you don't find the "Vix" icon on your desktop, you can follow these steps:
- Open your file explorer.
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\TET.
- Look for a file named Vix.

To ensure easy access, we recommend creating a shortcut to this file on your desktop.

3. Login

Once you launch the application, a login screen will appear. Here's how to log in:

  • Enter the Exam ID provided by your institute (usually sent via email).
  • Click "Start Exam."

On the next screen:

  • Enter your Examinee ID (usually your ID number).
  • Click "Login."

⚠️ Please note that depending on your institution's settings, you may have additional login options:

- Single Sign-On: If your academic institute's system is synced with the TomaEtest app, you may need to log in through the institution's student information system. 

- Two-Step Verification: If an additional verification step is required via text message (SMS) or email, a screen will prompt you to enter the code you receive. Keep in mind that verification codes are valid for a limited time.

4. Accept the terms and conditions

Confirm that you have read and agree to the conditions. Check the box and click "Next."

5. Hardware check

  1. Internet connection: The app checks the quality of your Internet connection. To repeat the test, click on the button.
  2. Verifying single screen: Only one connected monitor is allowed. Please note that after disconnecting a second monitor, you may be asked to log in again.
  3. Audio device check: Follow the instructions to ensure that you have selected the right audio device. Click on the record button to perform the test.
  4. Camera device check: Follow the instructions to ensure that you have selected the right camera device.
  5. System events approval: If a student enters an exam with Excel files using a Mac computer, an additional "system events approval" test will be introduced, click here for more info.

When all connections are tested and working, click "Next."

6. Verification of Student Identity

Depending on your institution's settings, the app may require various verification steps. These can include:

  • Verification by Code: Your invigilator or exam manager will provide you with a code for verification.
  • Verification by Webcam:You will need to take a picture of your face and your ID for verification. 
  • Room Verification: You may be required to use Tomax's mobile app to capture a 360-degree panoramic video of your workspace.
  • Second Camera Positioning: If a second camera is required, you will need to use Tomax's mobile app to position the camera to cover your entire workspace.

7. Exam entrance screen:

This screen will display your personal details and other exam information, such as exam start and finish times, and time extensions. The length of the exam and the extra time are shown in minutes

8. Begin the Exam

To get started, click "Start Exam."

Click here to proceed to stage 4: Taking the exam