Where can I learn about the product?

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Where can I learn about  our privacy protection?

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Is it mandatory to preform the exam with camera and microphone?


If the exam has been set up to be in video and sound monitoring mode, it is mandatory to have a camera and a microphone to perform the exam. The App uses AI to analyzes the video and audio and detects suspicious activity that violates the institution's policies. 

What information submitted by the app?

Only the student's answers data. If the exam is set to be monitored by video and sound, the media files are sent as well

Who can access the video, images and sound files ?

Only authorized personal from the academic institution and only to verify the identity of the examinee and to maintain the purity of the exam

Can I use other means of identification except of my ID card?

The app allows identification by any other official certificate as long as it complies with the academic institution regulations

How do I know if my computer meet app requirements?

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment according to the requirements document detailed here

Note that if you're taking a demo exam to assess your equipment compatibility, it should be taken from the computer on which you will conduct the "real" one

How the app deals with network issues?

The software saves the information offline as well. However, if there is no network you will not be able to submit the exam. The app supports network changes as well as late submissions etc. - all in accordance to each institution policies

What is the policy in case of power outage?

The policy depends on the procedures and guidelines of the institution

Does the app continue to run after the exam is submitted?

The app closes after submitting the exam (and transfer of video and audio files completed) or manually closed by the user.

Should I disable antivirus or firewall?

You should not! If your firewall or anti-virus software blocks the app you should make a specific exception within the settings. If you're not sure how to do that safely, please consult with an IT professional