Before utilizing this option, ensure the following:

  • You must have valid Excel software and a license installed on the computer where the exam is being taken.

  • Supported Excel versions: 2016 and above (as long as Microsoft supports the relevant version)

  • Ensure that automatic saving is not activated, as this option will save the file in the Microsoft cloud (OneDrive), and the file will not be sent for the lecturer's review 
  • If the computer has a touch screen, it is recommended to disable the touch screen option within the PC setting (it can cause typing problems.) Pay attention to additional highlights at the end of the guide!

How to Answer in Excel During the Exam:

If there are Excel files that need to be answered, you will see an "Attached Files" button adjacent to the question. 

Click this button to open a window for selecting the desired file: 

By clicking, Excel will open with the content of the uploaded file:

  • You can answer using Excel according to the settings and the content of the file
  • Be sure to save the file, especially at the end before closing it
  • You can edit the file by repeating the above process until the exam is submitted

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to save the file during your work, not just at the end.
  • Do not minimize the Excel file. If the file is minimized and you click outside of it, it will move to the background and disappear. To bring it back, you will need to reopen it from the relevant question.
  • Pay attention to the exam time. It will be submitted automatically in the allotted time in the background, even if Excel is still open.

Good luck with your exam!