The instructors can include links to websites in your exam, enabling you to access and browse them during the examination

(Whitelist URL).

If links are provided, they will appear next to the attachments button

The exam creators can assign three authorization/restriction levels for each site:

1. Full Lock: Enables browsing only to the specified website address, restricting access to other external sites.

2. Partial Lock: Permits browsing within all sites under the same domain. However, it restricts the ability to navigate to external sites by clicking on links within the permitted domain (e.g., navigating within Wikipedia but preventing access to other sites linked within Wikipedia).

3. Without Blocking: Allows unrestricted browsing, including the ability to click on links and move to other sites.*

The system will not provide access to the address bar, preventing the manual entry of website addresses. Access to other websites is exclusively possible through clicking on links within the designated website, if available