Intro Screen

1. Exam progress bar

2. Chat with the teacher

3. Chat with the invigilator

4. Number of Questions

5. Maximum grade 

6. Exam duration (including extensions)

7.,8.,9. Icons Legend - Scan questions, Uttering 

10.  Webcam recording screen

11. Start the exam 

Answering the questions

  • The list of questions is on the left side of the screen (1) and includes two types of questions: short answer/essay and multiple-choice

  • The number of points allotted to each question appears on the right side of the question title (2).

  • Question display modes menu (3) enables switching between a single question view, all questions view, and appendices aside question view

Multiple choice questions

  • To answer a multiple-choice question, click on the number/letter of the desired answer. Only one answer can be selected, and the selected answer will be highlighted green.  

  • Undoing your answer: If you want to undo your answer, click on it again. To undo click Yes on the confirmation pop-up window

  • Change answer: To select another answer, click on the new answer. A window will appear asking you to confirm your choice: Click “Yes”.

Short answer/essay questions

In short answer/essay questions, type the answer in the space provided.

You can edit the text using the toolbar and add tables, formulas and images as well. When your cursor hovers over a button on the toolbar, a small tag appears explaining the function of this button.  

If there is a word limit on the answer, it will appear at the bottom of the answer window.


Choice of questions (elective group)

You may be given a list of questions and told to choose and answer a certain number of them.

After answering the required number of questions from the list, the questions that were not selected will appear unavailable.

To answer another question from the group, you must first delete the answer to one of the questions you already answered

Bonus question

Bonus questions will be clearly marked as bonus questions.

Contacting the lecturer or the Invigilator 

To ask the teacher or proctor a question during the exam, use the message buttons at the top of the screen.

Choose from the following options:

  • Technical question addressed to the Invigilator (1): Select the subject of the message from the list provided, write your message and click “Send” 

  • Question regarding exam content addressed to your lecturer (2): Select the relevant question number (or general question), write your message and click Send.

Receiving a reply / message

When you receive a reply/message, a notification window will appear on the screen, you will have to confirm receipt to continue the exam

In case of unread messages, a number will appear near the relevant message icon indicating the number of unread messages. 

If the teacher’s reply relates to a specific question, an exclamation mark icon will appear next to the relevant question in the question list:

Clicking on the message button will show you all the messages sent during the exam.

Attachments (appendices)

If attachments were uploaded by the lecturer, you can view them by clicking on the “Attachments” tab

Add annotations

In order to add annotations to the appendix you need to toggle the “Sketch” button 

To get back to the exam, click on the “Exam” tab

Scanning an answer

Certain short answer/essay questions can be scanned and uploaded to the exam after clicking on “Submit Exam. Further instructions on scanning can be found here.

When this scan and upload option is enabled, a message will appear above the relevant questions 

  • These questions can still be answered in the relevant text box. 

Submitting your exam

To complete the exam, click on “Submit Exam” button at the bottom. A final confirmation window will appear

To go back and continue to work on the exam, click “Back to the Exam”. To continue the submission process, click “Submit Exam

  • If a “Scan Answers” window appears, please see instructions here.

  • Upon submission of the exam, the data is sent to a server over the Internet. Data upload time depends on network speed and may take up to several minutes. When finished, click on Close and Exit Exam