Supported operating systems

Windows 8 and above, macOS 10.13 (El Capitan) and above

  • Windows 10 S mode is not supported as well as mobile (Android, IOS)
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date (Windows update)
  • Note that the exam cannot be taken on a Virtual Operating System (VOS)


  • At least 5GB of free space on the operating app (OS) drive
  • Minimum of 4GB of RAM memory 
  • Upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps

Camera and microphone

The computer must have a built-in camera or be connected to an external webcam. A microphone is also required.

Before the exam, make sure that you have permission to access the camera and microphone. (There are several sites you can use to check whether the camera and microphone are working properly.) Additional testing using popular programs such as Zoom, or Skype are also recommended.


Make sure that your network connection is working at a reasonable speed (for example, you might be in a room with poor/ without WIFI reception, or your hotspot might be slow or blocked).   

Web filtering systems can reduce accessibility and connection stability.  Please note that mobile web filtering systems can cause errors when scanning exam answers. 

TomaEtest mobile application

A unique mobile application required for scanning answers, 360-degree room verification, and using the phone as a second camera: