Prerequisite: Installing the TomaEtest Application

Before you begin, make sure you have the TomaEtest application installed on your phone. You can download it from:

- Download from the App Store

Download from Google Play

Indication for scanning

If a lecturer enables a scanning option for specific open-ended questions, you can scan and upload your answers using the Tomax mobile app, after submitting the exam (please see the requirements section for details).
Questions that allow scanning an answer will show an indication

Scan your answers

After submitting the exam, you will be directed to the scanning screen. Follow the instructions provided on the screen:

click Submit exam

Select "Mobile Device" and click "Next"

The QR code displayed on the screen must be scanned using the TomaEtest application on your cell phone. 


  • The barcode is changed every half minute (2), so it is better not to perform the scan close to expiry time

  • Same barcode cannot be scanned twice, if an error message is received, wait for the barcode to change and scan the barcode again

Scan interface (Tomax Application)

Open the TomaEtest Application and click on Scan "Barcode"

The list of questions allowing scanning answers is displayed. Click the + sign next to the question you would like to scan 

Click the + sign to open the camera for scanning

Scan the first page. after scanning the page, you will have the option to crop it to the desired size. When you finish, click on "Done"

If you wish to scan an additional page for the same question, click the + icon. If you wish to continue, click upload scans


If you wish to upload scans for another question, click the + icon next to the relevant question. If you are done, click on "Finish and send"

The scans will be loaded and you will be able to see a preview on the vix application on your computer

Once all the images have been uploaded properly, click “Submit Scan”.