✋ Download the app using Google Chrome (recommended) or other updated 
browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox
The app Cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer

1. Download: To download the app, click here
On the screen that appears, choose the relevant operating system (Windows or IOS) and then click on the arrow to start the download.


2. Installation: Click on the downloaded file. The file name is "VIX-Installer".

The installation screen will then appear:

✋ Attention:

* Installation of new program requires a user with privileges to install new software

* If Windows "User Account Control" screen pops up asking "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to this computer?" click OK.

* If the firewall and/or antivirus requires you to authorize access, than do so.

* If you come across a message containing the word SEB, see the relevant instructions in the troubleshooting page.

3. UI language : The interface language can be changed by selecting the appropriate option on the language button at the top of the window:

4. Accessibility: Making our app usable by as many people as possible.

5. Completion: When installation is complete, the software will open automatically, and the "Exam Login" screen will appear.

In case the software did not open automatically or to open it after closing, look for the  icon called "Vix" on your desktop and click on it.