Important Guidelines for TomaEtest App (Vix) Users

Dear Students,

Before you begin using the TomaEtest application, please take note of these important guidelines:

  1. TomaEtest operates in locked exam mode, disabling access to other applications on your computer during the exam. This restriction will be automatically lifted after exiting the app

  2. Do not reboot or shut down your computer while the software is running. If you need to exit the app without submitting the exam, click the "Exit button" at the top of the screen.

  3. If you are using a laptop, ensure it is connected to a power source throughout the exam to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to a dead battery.

  4. Prior to installation, please review the app requirements document to ensure compatibility.

  5. In the event of technical issues during installation or software operation, consult the troubleshooting page for assistance.

  6. Exam with Excel: If your examination includes an Excel response, please read here the prerequisites for an Excel response.

  7. For any inquiries about the company, our privacy policy, or other related matters, please refer to our FAQ page

If you encounter any difficulties while installing or updating the app, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the software

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