In the event that you were unable to submit your exam on time, your educational institution may offer the option of a "late submission". 

To perform a late submission, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure that you are using the same computer and user account that you used to take the exam

2. Your educational institution must have enabled the late submission option for the exam. 

3. Open the VIX software and enter the exam ID that you used to take the exam. 

4. Enter your student ID, which you used to log in to take the exam. 

5. A "Late Submission" screen will appear, and if a backup file is found, an indication will be displayed

6.  Click "Submit Answers" once you have completed the submission. 

7. You will receive an indication that the upload of your answers was successful. 

8. To exit the application, click "Close and Exit Application". 

If you receive a message stating that no answer file was found on your computer, it is possible that you logged in under a different user account. If you were using a laboratory computer belonging to your educational institution, please contact the relevant  person at your institution.